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As a feeble attempt to win some wonderful yarn from this talented blogger, I’ve searched my way through several diffentent sports sections of Hawkeyes… to try to find the most handsome/sexy sportsman.
I will have to say, that this is not an easy task, if you like me are a married woman, quite convinced that your husband is the sexiest creature alive.
Well anyway (what I’ll do for yarn!) I think, that if I have to pick, then Seth Wessels from the swimming/diving team (always had a soft spot there, since I’ve been a swimmer myself and a coach for longer than I care to remember), he’s kinda cute.
If I have to choose from the football (american style) guys, then Ricky Stanzi will be my choice.

Sigh, will have to drown my sad attempt in good coffee and wonderful compagny (my cousin)