Knowledge obtained, wisdom here gained
flow in my mind, one or all kind
keep me from dullness, boredom and flight
show me the beauty, the rightness, the light.
Let me not nodd of, in lecture not sleep.
Let me, though bored dead, my sanity keep.

I’ll promise to speak up, to get questions right
(though I won’t lose sleep over them in the night)
Maybe I’ll even, one day when I’m free
from school, university (I say this with glee)
use all the knowledge I’ve supposedly got
for the greather good – or to knit – I care not!

I was greatly inspired for this poem in yesterdays lecture, where I had to struggle to stay concious… it was very dull.

Jeg blev inspireret til ovenstående digt i går under en forelæsning, hvor jeg kæmpede en brav kamp for ikke at forsvinde helt hen i bevidstløsheden…