Dear sweet gentle Godess of socks (of all shapes and sizes)
Please let my sockapalooooza socks be recovered, though I had long accepted that I’d never see them… I know that my faith has been weak, Thou showed me so today, when I received the news (from my former landlord) that the package had been at our former appartment… and gone again!!!! (oh, the horror).
Let me please be able to recover the parcel and I shall promise to adore these socks forever and ever and ever again!!! Let them not be sent back to Canada, but let them stay with me… I daresay that after being in the mail since August 3rd they deserve a proper home!!!

Your humble sock servant

Update: Alas!!! The socks have left the country again! Despite many phonecalls to just about everybody that I thought could do anything, I have to come face to face with the fact that my poor, beautiful socks are returning to Canada
They will end up with a very good story to tell my other socks, if ever they are to reach me!