I once had a pullover dream
it was to be creme-del-la-cream
an artwork of skill
of hours and will
with perfection in every seam

The pattern was searched and selected
it was to be a Henley perfected
the yarn was then found
the yarn cakes were sound
And the hour of cast on elected

In fevor the cast on was started
My first try though soon was twarted
The sleeves far to wide
Were put to the side
To the body my attention then darted

The knitting went happy and free
I thought “gauges are just not for me”
Alas what a fool
to neglect such a tool
And be forced to attempt number three

I sit now with hours of knitting
that never in life will be fitting
the body to wide
can fit two at a side
the thruth of the moment is hitting

… I must frogg

Jeg strikker sjældent strikkeprøver, og i dette tilfælde må jeg altså betale prisen. Mine 25 cm Henley må pilles op og startes forfra, for strikkefastheden er helt gal, og sweateren ville passe to af min størrelse hvis jeg fortsatte sådan her… ikke godt. Det er irriterende, men hvad kan man ellers vente når man udfordrer strikkeskæbnen? … Lidt senere i dag, tror jeg, jeg vil forsøge med en lille strikkeprøve…

I seldom take time to knit a gauge swatch, and in this case I have to pay the price. My 25 cm of Henly will have to be ripped and restarted as the gauge is way of, and the sweater is sized to fit two of me if I continued… not good. It’s annoying to say the least, but what else can be expected when you choose to taunt the knitting gods? … I might knit a wee swatch later today…